Home Automation

This is a brief page detailing my activites with home automation.

System & Parts

Apple Macintosh 8500/180, Sonnet G3 375MHz, MacOS 9.1, 320Mb RAM, 2Gb HD

Running Xtension, X2Web, Oculus, WhistleBlower, GNUPlot

Other bits : WX200 Weather Station, Weeder Analog Input Board, Weeder Digital I/O Board, Keyspan SX Pro Serial Card, Iomega Buz Video Card

HA System Screen Shot

Check my live system at http://antonylord.dyndns.org/xtension.x10

Make sure you check out all the cool Macintosh home automation stuff (and Xtension) at the Shed. The discussion list is an invaluable source of Mac / HA information!

Serial Stuff

Looking for information on the Mac serial port, how to build a serial cable adaptor for your CM11 or a custom lead? Check out my new serial cable guide!

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