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Node status : the build is over. Now we're testing...

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Stuff to look at

Images and Notes

Shot of the modified end cap : due to the difficulty in finding suitable 5/16" stock to make the end caps I chose to fashion an "L" plate from left over tube. Note the side fitting of he screws at one end and plenty of extra ADHESIVE grade silicon (Silastec RTV 732)
The completed waveguide after etch primer undercoat
Testing : waveguide in place on top of the TV mast. Sadly the trees block the signal on almost every side :(

Note the black strip from the ridge cap. This is a flat steel bar fastened (via wall plugs, screws and silicon) to the ridgecap and the mast to provide lateral stability.

Close up shot of the busy mounting pole. You can see one of the weather station probes.

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