I must admit, I'm a Macintosh Zip Drive user but a great deal of the information remains generic.

The scenario :

You place a zip cartridge in to your trusty Zip Drive to be greeted by a repetitive click-click, click-click sound (hence the "click-death" syndrome)... the drive fails to recognize the cart, endlessly clicking away often leaving you no choice but to restart the computer or unplug the drive...

And shortly after you may well be greeted by this :

So what's the story? Well, I'm not quite sure and a lot of other people out there aren't either. The suspects are as follows :

I personally have lost several hundred megabytes of data in this way either when inserting the disks or having them ejected.

I have also had password protected disks fail to recognize their (correct) passwords and non-password protected carts suddenly claim to be password protected!

Some suggestions for helping your data survive

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For Australian Zip Drive Owners :


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