Don't even think that when I say "homebrew" I mean that hideous stuff that one of your school mates forced down your throat at some party (yes, one of THOSE parties.) When I say homebrew I really mean "brewed at home." It is as much a pleasure to brew and to consume...

Things to see, do, make and drink...

Homebrew is not one of those things that has is overly expensive or time / space consuming. My setup resides on a spare tabel top in my garage :

A few of the things to see :



As for good references :

I used an old "copright free" artwork book which I scanned some stuff out of. I used Photoshop to carve it up and get the sizes right and create the various layers to enable rapid change of the label details (different layers for the type, date and fineprint on the bottles as well as the "sample" notice.)

For the most complete list of recipes, instructions and more check out the Cats Meow 3.0