The CrackHouse(tm) Official Homepage 1999

The CrackHouse FASQ (Frequently Asked Stupid Questions)

The CrackHouse is no more.

Notice was served (they were going to demolish the house - hey what was the problem? the tennants would have acheived it soon enough!) and Gary and Dave were facing deportation as their sporting visas began to run out... The remainder have opted for a quiet life elsewhere in the suburbs. Meanwhile the house went up for sale (I was tempted to call the agents and offer them a couple of slabs of beer for it...)


What the #$%$ is the CrackHouse?

The CrackHouse is the affectionate name given to the local residence of several bar staff from the local club, Club Bay View.

Who lives at the CrackHouse?

Full-time residents are : David Fleming, Gary Ward & Tim Smith

Regulars : Hundreds

Who named it the CrackHouse

Anton did - he's now the CEO

Why call it the CrackHouse?

That's what it looked like when Anton first visited (and still does by the end of every weekend)

Trashed premesis and trashed tennants. What did you expect of a house belonging to industry workers?

Where is the CrackHouse?

For legal reasons we're not going to tell you that (it's not far from the pub though...)


This is the crackhouse - all others are pale imitations!

Dave (L) and Tim (R) settle in for an evening of Ally McBeal. Go Fish!