Triple B Day

This page has been created as a pseudo "FAQ"

What's it called?

The show has a variety of names : "BBB", "Triple B Day", "Big Boxing-Day Bash", "Raft Up"

When is it?

Boxing Day (December 26th) every year - the show normally runs between about 12 noon and 5pm

Where is it held?

On the Swan River. The main "raft up" usually gathers in Freshwater Bay (the area immediately in front of CCGS / MLC / Bethesda) about 100m west of the Claremont Yacht Club Jetty. On some previous years the raft up has formed in Mosman Bay in front of "The Coombe Reserve" to make use of the giant "AquaTramp"

Who runs it? What's it about?

No one. The show is basically a whole lot of locals who bring their boats down to enjoy a day on the water. The show is loosely based around staff, friends and locals in the Claremont area.

How do I get there?

Organize a boat. Bring your own. Don't expect that someone is going to pick you up from jetty 'X'

Notes for boat owners

Notes for punters

Keep in contact

While there is no "official" point of contact we are endeavouring to set up an e-mail list so we can get people talking to each other, ask questions etc.

You can sign up for a free mailing list here :

If you have any great photos from previous years please send them to us here :